Cash deposit safe Smart TS

SMART TS is a simplified modification of the reliable cash deposit safe SMART TS MULTI

Рrotects cash, coins and documents during working hours. Money are taken off from direct access to minimize the thread of daily robbery. It is designed for daily storage of cash with increased protection.

SMART TS  – consists of a metal housing and drawers.
- It is the basis for safe storage of money and documents;
- It is made of metal sheet 1.5 mm thick with reinforced housing sidewalls
- Anchor holes are located at the bottom of the housing
- Castle certified to Class A according to the norms VDS and EN
- Drawers are made of steel sheet 1,5 mm thick, with reinforced protection front panel of each drawer (steel thickness 6 mm);
- Protection against drawers break-in are certified in accordance with European standard EN 14450;
- Two drawers are used for acceptance / withdrawal of cash. Delayed opening of the drawer can be from 3 seconds to 100 minutes (the number of drawers can be increased);
- Deposit drawer is used for the deposit of cash without opening the drawer (the drawer opening delay can be from 3 seconds to 100 minutes). This drawer is equipped with a separate cash box for storage and transport of cash;
- If available, the following drawers are used to store documents and other material valuables.
Advantages of theSmart TS:
Protection principle is to use a time delay opening drawers.
- There is a warning label that the cashier can not speed up the opening of the drawers.
- Safe weight is about 80 kg. It is possible to mount it on the floor and connect to the alarm system.
- Safe Security has been tested in accordance with European standards.
- It is available in several versions.
Cash deposit safes SMART TS is:
  • - The most effective security solution;
  • - High speed of cash transactions;
  • - Minimizing the time spent on manual cash handling and sorting;
  • - Perfect for banks, post offices, petrol stations, etc.;
  • - Suitable for receiving and storing bank notes, coins, checks, cards, documents, etc.;
  • - The delay time is set for each drawer;
  • - The unique modular system;
  • - Silent alarm notification from the Smart-lock system;
  • - Ability to be connected to PC;
  • - Reducing the burden on cash unit;
  • - New competitive advantages for your organization in customer service format «Open space» - a more open and friendly attitude.


  Smart TS  Smart TS Mini Smart TS Mini 200
Number of drawers 3 - 6 3 2
Delayed opening of drawers 3 sec - 99 min
Internal volume 110 L 70 L 50 L
Dimensions 670 х 500 х 530 mm 670 х 400 х 530 mm 460 x 400 x 530 mm
Weight 80 kg 65 kg 50 kg
Colour (standard) grey RAL 7035
Adjustable height 0 - 30 mm
Supply voltage 12V (adapter) / 3A
Anchor holes Ø 10 mm
Connection to the alarm system yes
Manufacturer Ukraine


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