Сортировщик банкнот

Money detectors

Детектор валют

Banknote counters

Cчетчик банкнот

Coin counters

Счетчик монет

For successful running of business it is necessary to organize well-coordinated and effective perfomance of banking transactions. But it is hard to achieve the high speed execution of such banking operations as sorting, counting and packaging of banknotes without specialized equipment. You van manually perform operations mentioned above, but it leads to the deversion of staff out of their direct duties and to assignment to them additional volume of work, especially during the reporting period.

Regarding to this, the best solution for routine operations should be using of automatic bank equipment, that includes banknote sorters, money detectors, banknote counters, banding machines, cash points and other specialized facilities.

Sorters and counters machines are applied to simplify the procedure of counting and sorting a large amount of cash (banknotes and coins). Money detectors are used to verify the authenticity of banknotes. Cash points are used for temporary safekeeping of money, for example, during the transaction day. Tape, non-vacuum or vacuum banding machines are applied for the packaging of banknotes, stocks or documents.

Research and production enterprise "ELCOM" offers only reliable and high quality equipment that meets the highest technical requirements.

"ELCOM" is leading company in banking sectors of automation of cash proceessing. We work with clients throughout all territory of Ukraine and offer the optimal solutions in implementation of different bank facilities.



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"ELCOM" company introduced in the market updated model of a banknote counter LEADER KL-2000
 Shinsing CS-2000
Reliable banknote corter. The feature Shinsung CS-2000 is fundamentally different from similar sorter: the machine is set up as "mechanician"
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