Recycling ATM-safe Roller Cash Slot

Recycling ATM-safe Roller Cash Slot  is the cost-effective solution for equipping the cashier's workplace. Roller Cash successfully combines the advantages of a deposit machine and an electronic cashier.


Roller Cash allows you to solve the following tasks:
  • To accept and issue cash. Depending on the internal regulations of the bank, you can set up Roller Cash to work with money on the principle of recycling, when the money received from the client can be given to customers, or separate storage of received and issued money.

  • Automation of cash work: accounting of received and issued amounts, control of the cash amount in the cash desk. Roller Cash is controlled by a computer. Each operation for receiving and issuing is registered, so that at any time you can get detailed information about the cash in the device (currency, denomination, amount).

  • Ensure safe work with cash during the operational day. The client does not have the ability to see the funds that are in Roller Cash. The slots for reception and delivery of funds are closed by metal curtains, they open only in the case of the direct operation. Roller Cash can be mounted to the floor and connected to an alarm system.


Capacity, banknotes  6000 (30 cells for 200 pieces each)
Interface with PC RS-232, USB - option
Protection class 1
Power supply  Сеть 220 В, 50 Hz and backup battery
Manufacturer Italy

Main Features

  • Simultaneous work (receiving and issuing) with several currencies;

  • No requirement for the physical state of banknotes;

  • Separate storage of banknotes of different currencies and denominations;

  • Accounting and continuous monitoring of the cash amount in the cash register;

  • The ability to reserve amounts for issuance to certain customers;

  • The ability to set a time delay for the execution of various operations and amounts;

  • Safe storage of funds.


Options for Roller Cash SLOT

Sliding top drawer with a tray for banknotes and coins - + +

Deposit module, capacity of 4000 banknotes 

- - +
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 540х410х450 660х410х450 660х490х450
Weight, kg  90 105 120
Power consumption, W 40 120 120

There is also a model Roller Cash 405. The main difference from the considered SLOT model is the module in 4000 banknotes, which consists of 10 cells.

Options for Roller Cash 405

  405 405 BN 405 CMTL
Sliding top drawer with a tray for banknotes and coins - + +
Deposit module, capacity of 6000 banknotes  - - +
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 540х315х450 660х315х450 660х490х450
Weight, kg  61 84 108
Power consumption, W 40 120 120




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